We design healthcare
for everyone

Philosys Co. Ltd

Global leading healthcare company in mobile healthcare
We provide reliable medical healthcare system combined the latest IT technology to support your healthcare.
We are total healthcare solution provider to manage your health by supplying BGM compatible with smartphone combined with the latest IT technology and application that not only provides measurement of your glucose levels, but also provides total healthcare solution.
[Record exercise, diet, monitoring of glucose level and etc.]




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본사 : 063-453-1421
연구센터 : 02-553-1421

본사 : 063-453-1423
연구센터 : 031-778-0701

주문 및 고객 문의
본사 및 제1공장 : 전라북도 군산시 옥구읍 광월길 28-5 (우) 54172
연구센터 : 경기도 성남시 분당구 정자일로 23 (금곡동) 3층 (우) 13616
제2 공장 : 전라북도 군산시 자유무역2길 15 군산자유무역지역 표준공장 1동 4층 (우) 54001